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Stella Loizou

Fitness and Rehabilitation

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Location - France

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Services available on-line



Fitness Programs

On demand via vidéo link or images 


The Desk job Fitness Dilemma

All about core strength and flexibility

The Gamers Challenge 

The Silver Warrior

For 60 + with or without health issues

Freedom in "Confined" spaces


Discover how exercise can alleviate Cancer treatment related issues and give you an energy boost

Keep it Groovy

Choose your music... get your own personal aerobic/fitness routine to go with it! Ultimate Fat Burner

The Family Challenge :

Can be competitive, fun, motivational.. 

Nutrition Goals and Back to Basics

Réhabilitation Corner 

About Stella

Hello I am Stella, A health and fitness professional, with over 20 years experience in the field of "fitness and rehabilitation".

I like to focus on "bringing people back to health" with realistic expectations. Goal setting individual plans based on individual capacities, health issues, lifestyle preferences, personal and professional commitments. 

Having obtained a variety of certifications from diverse international fitness schools, Greece, the UK, the US and France, I rapidly found out that in order to really be able to propose "safe and effective" exercise programs, I needed to do more.

So back to the books it was.. I went on to follow a Masters in Exercise Science, with specialisations in Clinical and Corrective Exercise, for rehabilitation purposes.

So Here I am... offering "YOU" as "individuals" the possibility of getting back to a healthier lifestyle through exercise.


Should you be suffering from Upper or lower Crossed syndromes, and other dysfunctional movement syndromes, or undergoing treatment for Cancer, diabetes, heart/circulation issues, chronic disease or disabilities... I can offer you simple and effective "day by day" "feelgood" exercises.

Languages spoken are English, French and Greek.. take your pick! 



Fully Qualified
California University of Pennsylvania

Master of Science 

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