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Stavria's handmade candles


Contact - Stavria Pana

Location - London, United Kingdom


Emaill: Stavria 




About Stavria

Hello from Stavria!
I grew up in sunny Cyprus where I was born and raised and moved to England in 2015. I have always loved getting creative, either taking photo’s or designing something, working on websites, editing photos and all that jazz. I have always loved candles growing up but since I have been in England my love for candles has grown, all the different scents, colours are just so inviting, the way the flame gives a cosy aura to the room, maybe its the lack of sun so a candle is a replacement. I decided to start making my own candles, I began selling to family and friends and now I sell all over the UK. I like to try different scents so you may notice scents come and go but if you really love a specific scent then don’t worry as I will make sure I have it in stock just for you! In addition to candles I also make wax melts.

My candles and wax melts are made from soy wax.


Stavria Pana


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