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A smart and useful beginning to your storage needs


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Location - Stockholm, Sweden

Contact - GIJO Limited

Product available worldwide

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GIJO is a small online business aiming to provide space-saving storage solutions to your homes.  


With one product under our wing so far, we hope this is a smart and useful beginning to your storage needs. 


Our GIJO bedside pockets provide smart storage to keep your belongings close and your bedside tables clean from clutter.


You can store items such as your kindle, reading glasses, tablet, phone and phone charger to name a few things, all close by in one place!   


The GIJO bedside pocket is also versatile and adaptable and can be used on your sofa and has a smart Velcro design that allows it to become a hanging storage solution!  

About Gina

Hello!  My name is Georgina and I founded GIJO in 2018.  I come from a small lovely island called Cyprus, and I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden.


I love the outdoors, nature and fresh air however I also enjoy a quiet night in, reading my book or watching my favourite series.  As charming and as beautiful as Stockholm is, the living space in apartments can be somewhat cosy.  


This is when I thought to myself, I could really benefit from having something small and handy where I can store my belongings, without cluttering up the limited surface space I have in my home.  So, the Bedside Pocket arrived! It's the ideal solution for my reading glasses, my book, my charging bank and my tablet all while keeping them off my side table and tucked neatly away at the side of my bed, taking up otherwise unused and wasted space!  It's quite a versatile solution, so it can also be used by the sofa or hanging somewhere by its strong Velcro.  


I hope you love our product as much as I do,


Stay cosy!





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