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This charter outlines the rights and obligations of the members of the Emporium Community. 

Where did it come from? 

The Emporiums concept is all about providing a showcase for trusted entrepreneurs and service providers that we have vetted either through being a customer of theirs or by knowing them personally.  

What is Emporiums about?

Not all the members have the resources to maintain a website, hence the idea to at least have a single webpage presence.   Even those who do have their own website will benefit from the cross pollination of all the contacts of the community.   This idea of driving web traffic to this showcase is essential and one of the main benefits of Emporiums. 


Each member page contains:

  • The name of the service or service provider

  • Their contact details and location. 

  • A map showing where they are located

  • The services they offer.   

  • A personal bio and picture. 

  • A showcase gallery. 

  • Finally, Testimonials from their clients. 

Their page will also link to their social media accounts. 

How do I join the Emporiums Community?

If you would like to join our Community, you need to have been referred to us by one of the existing members within the Community.  The member will contact the Administrators of Emporiums who will then vet the candidate. 

The criteria will include: 

  • The nature of the service 

  • Verifiable testimonials from customers 

Member rights and obligations 

As a member of Emporiums, you are responsible for the services you provide and in no way hold the owners of Emporiums responsible for any claims made against you.

As a member of Emporiums you have given your consent and permission required under all applicable laws, regarding the posting, transmission and publication of your personal information, images and user content for your individual Emporiums page.    All material published on Emporiums remains the copyright of the respective members who have given their authorisation by joining Emporiums.

One of the member obligations is to actively share links to the Emporiums website and associated social media as well as links from their website (for those that have one). 

Can I recommend Emporiums to other people?

Absolutely!  You can recommend Emporiums to friends as well as refer other service provider as a sponsor to join the community. 

What are our intentions going forward?

Our intentions are to grow the community selectively to ensure that potential customers receive an excellent service from our members. 

We prefer to stay small initially and help our members, but we could grow with the right profile of service provider. 

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